Cervical Disc Replacement in Princeton & Staten Island


What is cervical disc replacement?

Cervical disc replacement is a cutting-edge surgical procedure designed to address disc damage in the cervical region of the spine (neck). The procedure involves removing a damaged disc and replacing it with an artificial one.

Artificial discs are designed to fit into the damaged disc space, effectively restoring disc height and improving mobility and functionality. Cervical disc replacement may be recommended when conservative treatment options have failed to produce successful relief from neck pain or cervical radiculopathy.

In some cases, artificial disc replacement may be an appropriate alternative to fusion surgery, which allows your spine surgeon to replace damaged discs with artificial ones, instead of removing discs and fusing vertebrae together.

To learn if cervical disc replacement is a suitable treatment for your spinal condition, schedule an appointment with New Jersey Spine Surgeons in Princeton or Staten Island.

Why is cervical disc replacement performed?

There are several reasons a person may undergo cervical disc replacement, including:

If you’re suffering from any of the above conditions, schedule a consultation with the renowned spine specialists at New Jersey Spine Surgeons for fast and effective treatment.

What does cervical disc replacement involve?

If you are a good candidate for cervical disc replacement, one of our experienced spine surgeons at New Jersey Spine Surgeons will explain the procedure in detail to you. The surgery is only considered after other conservative treatments have been explored without success.

When considering cervical disc replacement, there are a number of different artificial disc options that may be recommended. Your spine surgeon will choose the best disc replacement option based on your individual needs.

Factors taken into account may include the number of discs that are damaged and whether you have previously undergone a neck fusion surgery that failed. Our practice offers Mobi-C, which is the only FDA-approved artificial disc replacement for two levels.

During the procedure, your surgeon will make an incision at the level of the vertebra(e) to be treated. Once your surgeon has access to the cervical spine, specialized surgical tools will be introduced in order to remove the damaged disc and position a new, artificial disc in its place.

What are the advantages of undergoing cervical disc replacement?

Benefits of undergoing cervical disc replacement at New Jersey Spine Surgeons include:

  • Improved neck function
  • May be an effective alternative to traditional fusion surgery
  • May provide better neck mobility than traditional fusion surgery
  • Typically allows for earlier post-operative neck motion
  • Prevents damage to the discs above and below the affected disc

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