What is Involved in a Cervical Fusion Surgery?

woman with neck painIf you’re suffering from neck pain that hasn’t responded to conservative treatments, cervical fusion surgery may be an option to help provide relief in some cases.

In this blog, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Steven Schiebert of New Jersey Spine Surgeons explains what’s involved in a cervical fusion surgery.

What is cervical fusion?

Cervical fusion is a type of spinal fusion procedure. As joints wear out over time, pain can be reduced by fusing the joint together. This involves surgically fusing two bones together so that they grow together as one, providing stability.

Bone used for this procedure can be obtained from a bone bank or can be taken from another place in your body.

When is it performed?

Cervical fusion surgery isn’t the first course of treatment, but it may be considered if more conservative approaches haven’t been successful. It can be used to treat the following conditions:

What is it involved?

Your surgeon will make sure you understand what’s involved with the procedure and tell you about any other treatments that may be possible. If you decide to have cervical fusion surgery, you’ll receive anesthesia before your surgeon makes an incision at the level of the vertebra or vertebrae that are being treated. Nerves, arteries, and muscles are protected.

The damaged disc will be carefully removed using specialized tools, and your surgeon will make sure the opening is large enough to take the pressure off of any pinched nerves. If any bone spurs are present, they’ll be removed during this procedure.

After the disc is removed, a cervical fusion is performed with bone graft from your own body or one that’s from an organ donor. When the bone is placed, it causes the vertebrae to fuse or grow together. This creates stability in the joint.

Finally, hardware will be inserted to help further stabilize the spine while the treated area heals.

Why should Dr. Schiebert perform your surgical fusion surgery?

Dr. Schiebert is a fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon who specializes in spinal surgery. However, he pursues conservative treatments whenever possible. If surgery is needed, he uses minimally invasive procedures to achieve the most successful results and to help make the recovery period quicker and easier.

He combines knowledge and experience with a compassionate, patient-centered approach that ensures you’ll receive the best possible care.

If you’d like to learn more about cervical fusion surgery, schedule an evaluation today with Dr. Schiebert at New Jersey Spine Surgeons. We’re dedicated to helping preserve the motion and function of your spine through the least invasive measures possible.

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